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Free Fax to 41 Countries That's correct if You Use MyFax, You would be able to send faxes to 41 countries with No Extra Charge!

Mobile Ready Works with Your iPhone, Blackberry or Smart Phone!

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Send Fax Via Email No More Hard to Use Fax Machines, Send Your Fax Online!

Get Your Number in 2 Minutes In as little as 2 Minutes You Can Get Your Own eFax Number, Anyone Can Send You Fax Instantly.

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Toll Free Or Local Number, Your Choice, Flexible Options. Outlook Integration.

Edit and Sign Faxes Electronically, Secure Faxing, Fax Alerts Available. And More!

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MyFax simplifies faxing. It allows users to send and receive fax anytime and anywhere through the Internet. Use your email, any Microsoft Office application, or your mobile smart phone to manage your faxes. There's no need for any additional software or hardware.

The majority of the business world today uses email. MyFax leverages this commonly used form of correspondence to transmit faxes. Simply send an attached file through email to the designated fax number for outgoing faxes, or check your inbox for incoming faxes.

Faxes can be sent and received with Microsoft Office and Outlook applications. These applications have integrated fax functions that work with MyFax services to transmit faxes.

MyFaxes work with mobile devices as well. Use your iPhone or Blackberry to check and send faxes.

Included in MyFax service plans is the ability to choose your own local or toll free fax number. The fax number is the number you give clients or partners to contact you with.


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