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  • click on Product Introduction Type of the products:WY143,WY145 Our wear resistant composite steel plate is composed of structural steel substrate and wear-resisting layer. Metallurgically bonded?coated,the?wear resisting layer is made of the?elements?such as chromium,molybdenum,niobium alloyed with carbon.It?has
    excellent?constructing?performance,?superior?wear-resistance?and?anti-corrosion,nd never fall off. Alloyed with different elements can satisfy different working conditions, such as higher temperatures,?impingement,corrosion,?abrasive?wear. To?ensure?better?quality,?We use?the?flux-cored?wire of Kenna metal.?The successful case?expresses?the?product's?performance?superior?and?stable, and its?can satisfycustomer's?need.


Iron and Steel Industry--single toothed roller, comb board,weighing hopper,skip car, Shale shaker,Steering column chutes,Dust-removing fan etc

Working Conditions: During the production, the equipments are in harsh conditions ,such as strong corrosion, high abrasive, elevated temperature 

Solutions: To use WY143 or WY145 according to the specific working conditions can efficiently settle such problems. They can largely prolong the service life of the parts and reduce the cost of maintenance.




Hengli wear resistant composite steel plants
Our wear resistant composite steel plate is composed of structural steel substrate and wear-resisting layer. Metallurgically bonded coated,the wear resisting layer is made of the elements such as chromium,molybdenum,niobium alloyed with carbon.It has excellent constructing performance, superior wear-resistance and anti-corrosion, and never fall off. Alloyed with different elements can satisfy different working conditions, such as higher temperatures, impingement,corrosion, abrasive wear. To ensure better quality, We use the flux-cored wire of Kenna metal. The successful case expresses the product's performance superior and stable, and its can satisfy customer's need.

Product performance
With high abrasion resistance: The international advanced metal arc fusion technology has little diluting effects on substrates. The fast cooling technology to the high alloy pool makes the wear-resisting layer hardness uniform. Both of them can greatly increase the performance of of the wear-resisting steel plates. They make our products have longer serving life than ordinary ones.
With excellent impact resistance: Low carbon steel possesses a fine plasticity.We use low carbon steel as its substrate. So it has excellent impact resistance and crack resistance.It can be used under circumstances with strong vibration and impact.

Easily processing: plasma cutting and punching,tailor-welding and cold roll forming, welding and Bolted connection are all workable during the production.
With light weight and outstanding comprehensive performance: The weight is just one third as the same wear resistant castings. It has unparalleled advantages in the same type wear resistant materials,especially used in fans,Powder concentrator and so on.

The relative wear-resisting of wear resistant steel plates

The metallography structure of wear resistant steel plates

The structure components of wear resistant steel plates are martensite, a little residual and Carbide. The carbide is mainly M7C3, which has six prism structure and polygon surface of , perpendicular to the welding surface. Its hardness is up to 1700HV. It works as a framework of the whole plates and largely improves hardness and wear resistance ofwelded metal.

The hardness distribution of cross section

Varieties of wear resistant composite steel plates


With good processability
Cutting:The wearesistant steel plates can be cut by plasma,laser,water jet scalpel etc.
Punching: When it demands a straight bore with the diameter less than 20mm and tolerance below 0.5mm, water jet scalpel or electric spark can be used. When the diameter beyond 20mm,and there is no request about the tolerance, plasma can be used.

Shaping: It can be molded incurvature with inside diameter greater than 250mm and excurvature with outside diameter greater than 800mm under cold conditions.
Connection and installation:plug welding, bolt welding or bolted together.

Supply mode

The standard size entire boards,cutting pieces and finished pieces


1、Cement Industry--vertical mill,chutes,fans,Powder concentrator etc
2、Iron and Steel Industry--single toothed roller, comb board,weighing hopper,skip car, Shale shaker,Steering column chutes,Dust-removing fan etc
3、Thermal Power Industry--coal mill, coal drop pipe, duct, hopper, dust-out pipe etc
4、Mine Industry--Electric shovel,chutes,shale shaker,the truck container lining board,silo lining board,Scraper conveyor plate,Transporting tank lining, lining board for coal preparation plant, shale shaker board etc.

It is also widely used in Glass Industry,Safe Industry,Brick Industry,Coking Industry,Harbors,Wharfs etc.


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