Online Faxes

Online Faxes are becoming a popular form of communication for many professionals in the business environment. By using the Internet, online faxes, also commonly referred to as eFaxes, can be accessed virtually anywhere.

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For a nominal monthly fee, fax users can free themselves from the constraints of a physical fax machine or telephone line. Instead, faxes can be sent and received onto a computer with an Internet connection. For those that need a toll free or local number to give to clients, such numbers are provided and integrated into one's online eFax system.

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eFaxes can be managed through free software or through one's email address. Faxes sent and received through email look like email file attachments.

There are many providers of online eFax services. Most services are provided as part of a monthly subscription plan. Shop around for the best prices and for the most complete set of services. Compare the price differences between a monthly and an annual plan. See how many faxes are included for each plan. Features to look for include, toll free or local numbers, email fax capabilities, outlook integration, alerts, and fax logs.

Merchants such as eFax, Nextiva Fax, Ring Central Fax, Metro Fax, MyFax and RapidFax are popular choices as online fax service providers. Some providers offer free trials. Look for these. Some require setup fees. Be careful of these. Search around and compare for the best deal.